Sissy Bitch

Had a first time phone session with My newest sissy bitch today. Not only is he a sissy but also a dirty pantie sniffer and had a pair of his girlfriends in his hand while I had him fuck his ass with a dildo. What really makes this bitch pathetic is that he can only … [Read more…]

Pantie Boy

Pantie boy had his second phone session with Me today and what made it really amusing was that he had a pair of My used panties. Hearing him breathe in the scent of My divine pussy while rubbing his cock was delightful. I actually found Myself really getting off on the noises that he was making … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Slave Part 3

I did not have to wait long before Jeff made another appointment to see Me, just 5 days later and he was on the phone telling Me how much he had enjoyed the session and needed to see Me again as soon as possible. I was fully booked for the next two weeks and even … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Sissy Slut Part 3

I deliberately didn’t mention the strap on again to see how long it would take Samantha to suggest it. 3 days later he did just that and I could tell that he had thought about it a lot, he even got dressed up in some slutty attire to make himself look the part. I also … [Read more…]

Life Control

Life control is something that only the most serious submissive should consider and being single is a must. It usually involves a contract where you will literally hand over total control to a Mistress, that means in all areas of your life. The Mistress will control how you spend your time, your finances, when you … [Read more…]

Pantie Worship

Pantie worship is a very common area, not just in the fetish world but generally. Men enjoying using a pair of a woman’s worn panties for a variety of reasons. Some like to sniff them as they masturbate. Others like to wrap them around their cock and masturbate. Some like to wear them. Many submissives … [Read more…]

Sissy Shirley

“Shirley” is one of My newest bitches and one that I feel I will be controlling for a very long time. He has many fetish interests that include cross dressing, being an adult baby, being a puppy and just generally amusing Me and making Me happy. He had his first phone session last night and … [Read more…]

Consensual Blackmail

Consensual blackmail is not for everyone and should not be entered into lightly but for some is  huge turn on. A Mistress will usually have a contract and if She does not I would advise to stay well away. The contract will set out the rules and conditions along with any get out fees. The … [Read more…]

Foot Bitch

I have a new foot bitch who I totally enjoy teasing with My feet, especially when they are sweaty. I do enjoy hearing him gasp as I describe how he will lick down the sweet, sweaty soles of My feet before sucking each toe in turn, then placing one foot on his erection while the … [Read more…]