Over the years I have watched many changes in the wonderful world of fetish and BDSM, some good, some not so good.


Going through twitter I see post after post from young women seeking to extract cash from men who are attracted to their youth, with tweets like “Pay up paypigs, worship me and send me your cash now!” While there is no problem with this as they is always a demand I do feel that it has created an environment where the men are easily able to waste the time of the Mistress and also one in which the Mistresses are not Mistresses at all, just young women wanting to make a quick buck.


It has become a game of cat and mouse, a place where there are fakes on both sides of the coin each seeking to exploit the other. In My opinion it is doing more harm than good for the BDSM community.


Anyone new to the scene would be forgiven for thinking that it was all that it was about and that to part with their money indicates that they are money slaves who like to be humiliated and get very little in return. Yes there are slaves that enjoy that but they make up a  very small percentage of the BDSM community.


Even with that small percentage I feel that there should be more skill involved in extracting their money then simply posting various tweets demanding it. Any Findom worth Her salt will will have many means at Her disposal for making the rinsing session as enjoyable as possible for the submissive. She will find his achilles heel and exploit it, making him feel weak. She will create various games to keep him interested, not just simply demand.


With financial domination comes a responsibility, even if the submissive claims that he wishes to be ruined the Findom must resist the temptation to do so, the consequences could mean a homeless submissive and no Findom should be responsible for that. Remember that in an aroused state a “paypig” will say anything and it is up to the Mistress to put some limits in place


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