Turned Into A Slave Part 6

I felt Myself getting highly aroused as I looked down at Jeff kneeling there, his mouth wide open waiting for Me to use it. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him forward enough to rest My strap on cock against his bottom lip, tapping it teasingly. I relished in his obvious fearful anticipation … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Slave Part 3

I decided not to have any contact with Jeff before his next session allowing time for the seeds that I had planted to start growing. Again I left him waiting outside while I finished up with my long term slave who had earned his collar. As he left the dungeon that collar was clearly visible … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Slave Part 4

I could tell that the collar conversation that Jeff had overhead was still on his mind, he obviously had no idea what it meant and this was indeed bothering him, I also had no plans to enlighten him. I had planted quite a few seeds in his mind already, now all that I needed to … [Read more…]

Pantie Sniffer J

13th April 2018 As soon as Pantie Sniffer J received his second pair of panties from Me he was eager for another call. His arousal and excitement was obvious as I allowed him to open his package. He begged to be able to sniff them and was granted permission. He breathed them in as much … [Read more…]

Satin Slut

Satin slut is the first bitch to end up on the naughty step. I have had sessions with him on and off for years and previously had a consensual blackmail contract with him which he wanted to have again. Normally the rules are that the contract is paid for before receiving it as it is … [Read more…]

Trainer Bitch

13th April 2018 Trainer bitch had a few more phone sessions and with each one I was more of a bitch than the last. He really is a very pathetic fuck and so easy to abuse. He then wanted to buy Me some trainers and set about sending Me Amazon links and I decided on … [Read more…]

Sissy Jolene

13th April 2018 Sissy Jolene was having text sessions but yesterday decided to try a phone session instead which was great fun for Me because I wanted another shopping trip. First stop was Debenhams where he was instructed to find some deliciously sexy panties and make a meal out of it. Running her fingers around … [Read more…]

Sissy Bitch

Had a first time phone session with My newest sissy bitch today. Not only is he a sissy but also a dirty pantie sniffer and had a pair of his girlfriends in his hand while I had him fuck his ass with a dildo. What really makes this bitch pathetic is that he can only … [Read more…]

Pantie Boy

Pantie boy had his second phone session with Me today and what made it really amusing was that he had a pair of My used panties. Hearing him breathe in the scent of My divine pussy while rubbing his cock was delightful. I actually found Myself really getting off on the noises that he was making … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Slave Part 3

I did not have to wait long before Jeff made another appointment to see Me, just 5 days later and he was on the phone telling Me how much he had enjoyed the session and needed to see Me again as soon as possible. I was fully booked for the next two weeks and even … [Read more…]