Slave Richard

13th April 2018 Richard has not yet signed his consensual blackmail contract, he really wants to but something keeps stopping him. However it was pay day for him this morning which meant that it was payday for Me. He wanted his Money Milking Mamma to milk his wallet and that is what he got. His … [Read more…]


Over the years I have watched many changes in the wonderful world of fetish and BDSM, some good, some not so good.   Going through twitter I see post after post from young women seeking to extract cash from men who are attracted to their youth, with tweets like “Pay up paypigs, worship me and … [Read more…]

My Paying Wanker

Nick is my biggest wanker and has been for many years, he often buggers off for a few months vowing never to return but always does. He knows that he needs me, I give him a purpose in life and nobody fucks him over better than me. Anyway today we are seeing just how much … [Read more…]