Turned Into A Slave Part 6

I felt Myself getting highly aroused as I looked down at Jeff kneeling there, his mouth wide open waiting for Me to use it. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him forward enough to rest My strap on cock against his bottom lip, tapping it teasingly. I relished in his obvious fearful anticipation … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Slave Part 3

I decided not to have any contact with Jeff before his next session allowing time for the seeds that I had planted to start growing. Again I left him waiting outside while I finished up with my long term slave who had earned his collar. As he left the dungeon that collar was clearly visible … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Slave Part 4

I could tell that the collar conversation that Jeff had overhead was still on his mind, he obviously had no idea what it meant and this was indeed bothering him, I also had no plans to enlighten him. I had planted quite a few seeds in his mind already, now all that I needed to … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Slave Part 3

I did not have to wait long before Jeff made another appointment to see Me, just 5 days later and he was on the phone telling Me how much he had enjoyed the session and needed to see Me again as soon as possible. I was fully booked for the next two weeks and even … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Sissy Slut Part 3

I deliberately didn’t mention the strap on again to see how long it would take Samantha to suggest it. 3 days later he did just that and I could tell that he had thought about it a lot, he even got dressed up in some slutty attire to make himself look the part. I also … [Read more…]

A Punished Slave

“What’s this”? I ask you pointing at a sticky stain on the kitchen floor, well?? You start mumbling some pathetic excuse and I quickly shut you up. “This is the third time this week that you have failed to perform your duties and I am going to teach you a lesson, now get yourself into … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Sissy Slut Part Two

Since the first occasion Sam or rather Samantha has got used to dressing up for Me at my whim and it was now time to move things along to the next stage. I had picked out some very slutty attire, traditional black and red lingerie, tacky fishnet stockings, the shortest red skirt that I could … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Slave Part Two

The look on Jeff’s face as he crawled his way over to Me was not quite as cocky as when he first entered My dungeon. He was trying to remain composed and confident but I could see right through him, part of him was nervous but he was certainly not going to admit it to … [Read more…]

Turned Into A Sissy Part 1

Nothing had prepared me for what I was to find when I came home early to find My boyfriend going through my knicker drawer. More to the point though, nothing had prepared him for the way I dealt with the situation. As I walked into the bedroom he was standing there with a pair of … [Read more…]

Tied Teased And Denied

I order you to your knees and make you crawl to the bondage chair, I snap My fingers and you immediately sit in the chair with your head bowed. I take My time placing the thick leather straps around your thighs, ankles, wrists and chest. You legs are wide open and your cock and balls … [Read more…]