Pantie Boy

Pantie boy had his second phone session with Me today and what made it really amusing was that he had a pair of My used panties.

Hearing him breathe in the scent of My divine pussy while rubbing his cock was delightful. I actually found Myself really getting off on the noises that he was making as he held My panties over his face, tasting My juices and My cum.

It wasn’t all about the pleasure though because as every slave knows pleasure has to be paid for and in pantie boy’s case that was with a wooden spoon across his ass, ten hard whacks here and there. Not that it made his cock go down!

His frustration was obvious as I again allowed him to wank and sniff but he was not permitted to cum, that will be on hold till he buys the next pair of My worn panties. I will then allow him to jerk off into the gusset of this pair and then clean it up.

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  1. misstress has left panty boy so desperate to cum in hrr panties . smell of misstress pussy is so devine her voice gets me horny as soon as a anser the phone to misstress . please . please misstress let panty boy cum soon . all be smelling her panties and staying hard all day so frustrated misstress. Angel .

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