Pantie Sniffer J

13th April 2018

As soon as Pantie Sniffer J received his second pair of panties from Me he was eager for another call. His arousal and excitement was obvious as I allowed him to open his package.

He begged to be able to sniff them and was granted permission. He breathed them in as much as he could as he groaned telling Me how wonderful the aroma was, he knew that I had played in them and wanted to taste that cum which I allowed him to do.

He was wearing the previous pair that he had bought from Me which was adding to his arousal.

I instructed him to sniff and rub himself and it was not long before he was begging to be allowed to cum. That was denied as there was still 10 minutes of the call left and I wanted him to really ache. So more sniffing and gentle rubbing till his time was almost up and he was told to slip the panties down a little and spunk right into the gusset.

I could tell how good the orgasm was and left him with the task of cleaning up himself and those panties/


4th April 2018

I have a few pantie slaves and the latest one is Pantie Sniffer J.

He recently ordered a pair of white cotton ones from Me and as soon as they were received booked a call. You have no idea how much of a turn on it is to hear a slave breathing in deep and enjoying the intoxicating aroma of My divine pussy.

Pantie Sniffer J was exceptionally enthusiastic in his pantie worship duties and came hard while enjoying the smell of his Mistress.

Another call followed with the same enthusiasm as the first and including some humiliation which I  thoroughly enjoyed.

He has since ordered his second pair which I am wearing as I write this. I think he is going to end up with quite the collection.

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  1. J

    Thank you Mistress i absolutely love our session and your panties have and intoxicating aroma. I really cant wait for the oaur you’re wearing!

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