Do you wish to get your hands on a pair of My worn panties? Maybe you wish to worship them, knowing that is the closest that you will be able to get to your Mistress.

Perhaps you would like to be told what to do with them during a call, being instructed to smell and lick them before being allowed to cum in the gusset.

Maybe you want to wear them yourself, whatever the reason I have many different styles and colours for you to choose from.

They will be worn for 24 hours and will cost £10 including postage and packing. I will allow you to request additional extra and will tell you a price.



I have many different styles of socks available for your sniffing pleasure. These will be worn for 24 hours and then zip locked for that “cheesy freshness”.

Cost is £10 including postage and packing, I will wear them for additional days at the cost of £2 per day.




I am often wearing a bra top and they are available to purchase for £15 including postage and packing.

I have many different colours to choose from and they will be worn for 24 hours, additional days will be an extra £2 per day.





Now this is something VERY special for those of you that enjoy watersports.

This little glass bottle with a ball top is filled with My delicious golden nectar.

Imagine rolling that ball on your tongue, or licking it and tasting your Mistresses pee.

The cost is £10 including postage and packing.





These black lacy top stockings can be yours for £10 including postage and packing.

Worn for 24 hours with additional days costing £2 per day then zip locked and sent in plain packaging.

What will you do with them? Sniff them? Wear them? Wrap them around your cock and jerk off?




Worn for 24 hours and cost £10 including postage and packing.

If you wish Me to wear them without panties the cost will be £15.

Additional days £3 a day.




Email with your request for any items listed here and let Me know of any additional extra you require along with colour and style choices. I will then get back to you with a request for payment.

My preferred method is bank transfer.