Slave Richard

13th April 2018

Richard has not yet signed his consensual blackmail contract, he really wants to but something keeps stopping him. However it was pay day for him this morning which meant that it was payday for Me.

He wanted his Money Milking Mamma to milk his wallet and that is what he got.

His first payment was for £30, just to show Me that he was going to be a good boy. Then came another payment of £20.

I told him that if he managed to make it to the £100 mark I would allow him to beg to pay for a call.

Another £30 was deposited which was getting him very close to that call. I went out to the local shop and informed him that went I returned he would send the final £20 and then beg for that call. He did just that and the payment for the call was another £30.

It didn’t end there though because during the call I milked a further £30 making a grand total of £160 in around an hour and a half.

That was a very nice start to the day!


15th March 2018

Richard has been serving Me on and off for a while now. He will often spend a bit and then bugger off for a few months, mainly due to guilt. He tries hard not to need to have his wallet wanked but it always gets to the stage where he craves it too much and has to give in.

He messaged Me a few days ago, begging Me to be his wallet wanking Queen and was given bank details to set up along with a time frame to make an initial deposit of £50 and message at a time specified by Me for the following morning.


He managed to fulfil those tasks and again begged Me to be his wallet wanking Queen, who was I to refuse?


Withing 30 minutes I had extracted £100, £25 of that was to send him the link to this site because he knew that I was going to write about him.


What Richard really wants is to enter into a consensual blackmail contract with no safe word. He wants hardcore, real blackmail. Now it is easy for a slave to say these things when they are aroused so I have told him that in order for Me to send him a contract he will have to pay £100. Let’s see what he does.

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