Tied Teased And Denied

I order you to your knees and make you crawl to the bondage chair, I snap My fingers and you immediately sit in the chair with your head bowed. I take My time placing the thick leather straps around your thighs, ankles, wrists and chest. You legs are wide open and your cock and balls exposed. I trace my finger lightly down your shaft and your cock springs to life.


I lean forward and whisper into your ear ‘I’m going to make you ache today’ As I stand up My cleavage brushes against your face. I place my right leg on your knee, exposing my silky gusset and tell you to look. I notice your cock twitch as you get your first glimpse of your Mistresses panty clad pussy. I wrap my hand around your cock and gently, slowly move it up and down asking you what’s on your mind right now. Your reply that you are wishing that you could touch me..taste me..fuck me. I giggle and inform you that you will never fuck me, although I might have you worship my pussy later as teasing arouses me and my needs have to be met. I continue to work m soft hand up and down your cock, feeling it pulsate, knowing how aroused you are. I work my hand fast and hard for around 30 seconds as your breathing quickens, then I stop and take my hand away.


You let out a groan and I ask you what the matter is, you tell me that you are desperate to cum. I disagree and tell you that you are not aching enough yet and don’t know the meaning of the word desperate..but you will. I place my cupped hand under your balls and massage them listening to you moan with pleasure, watching your cock twitch like a heartbeat. Then again I stop and that familiar groan escapes from your mouth. I slip off my panties and stroke your face with them, as I run the under your nose I hear you take a deep breathe, taking in the wonderful scent of your Mistress.


I straddle you, your cock pressed down against your stomach and My divine pussy on top of it. I gently pinch your nipples as I move my body back and forth, feeling you throbbing beneath me. Pinching your nipples harder I move a little faster. Hearing you starting to lose control I stop and stay very still. Please Mistress, please let me cum, I will do anything, are you words and again I laugh.  No slave, you cannot cum. I look into your eyes at the frustration that you are feeling, how desperate you are for that sweet release that you can only have if I let you.


I move off your lap and again warp my hand around your cock, your bell end is sticky with pre cum and your balls are tight. I look at you and smile as I gently start to wank you again, watching and listening closely to perfectly time my teasing. I bring you just to the start of your orgasm and then stop. You almost cry as you again beg me for that release. I turn away and get something off the table nearby and return with it. It’s a cb300 which I force onto your cock, lock it and place the key in a safe place. Then I unstrap you, make you dress and send you on your way.

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