Trainer Bitch

13th April 2018

Trainer bitch had a few more phone sessions and with each one I was more of a bitch than the last.

He really is a very pathetic fuck and so easy to abuse. He then wanted to buy Me some trainers and set about sending Me Amazon links and I decided on a pair and added them to My wishlist.

They were there for seconds before he purchased them and then eagerly waited for them to arrive, they came yesterday and he was soon begging for photos.

I sent him a few and have made a little video just for him when he next sessions.

He knows that when I have worn the fuck out of these he will be buying them off Me and buying Me a new pair.


9th April 2018

Trainer bitch has been having regular calls with Me and I have enjoyed every minute of them, the reason

being is that trainer bitch is a totally pathetic fuck that can only get a stiffie when thinking about or looking at trainers.  Seriously have you ever heard anything so sad as that?

I do enjoy telling My friends all about him and the noises that he makes when the T word gets brought up.

What is really enjoyable is that I don’t even have to try and be a bitch to him, I just open My mouth and a barrage of abuse just falls out. Some men just have that effect on Me, what can I say?



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