Turned Into A Sissy Part 1

Nothing had prepared me for what I was to find when I came home early to find My boyfriend going through my knicker drawer. More to the point though, nothing had prepared him for the way I dealt with the situation.

As I walked into the bedroom he was standing there with a pair of My satin panties resting against his cock.

“What the fuck are you doing?” My words made him jump and as he turned to look at him I could see the pure panic in his eyes, his cheeks red with embarrassment.

“Umm err well I was just um” Was all that feebly fell out of his mouth.

In that moment My anger turned to amusement especially as I could see how aroused he obviously was and decided to see how far I could take it.

“Does the thought of wearing my panties turn you on Sam?”  I kept My tone of voice soft and calm to lull him into a false sense of security.

“I was just curious that’s all and you do have a sexy collection or underwear, not that I want to wear them or anything, just wanted to look” He looked less embarrassed as he said this but his cock was still hard.

“Hmm well why don’t you try a pair on, just for a laugh Sam, go on it’s just Me and you here” I have him a playful look, hoping that he would take the bait.

Then he picked out a pair and started to put them on, I wasted no time getting out My phone and as he pulled them up and turned around I took a photo.

“What are you doing?” The panic returned to Sam’s face and all that I could do was laugh.

“The question is Sam what you are going to do, you see within seconds I could send this photo to everybody in My address book, now considering how many mutual friends we have I could soon turn you into a laughing stock and you really don’t want that do you.” I looked right into his eyes and he knew that I meant business and that he had no choice but to go along with My requests.

He watched, almost helpless as I laid some items out on the bed. A bra to match the panties that he had chosen, some lacy top hold up black stockings and a little black dress.

“I suppose that you want me to put that lot on” He seemed rather calm about it, like he had just submitted to My whim.

“Not yet, first you need to shave”

“Shave?? Oh you really are going too far now and I am not going to play along” He tried to sound very firm but when I held up the phone with the photo on and explained how his mates down the pub would have a fucking hay day if they saw this and once again he backed down.

I instructed him to go to the bathroom and remove the hair from his legs, chest and genitals and not to return till he had a smooth body.

While he was gone I gathered up a few more items from the feminisation chest reserved for the sissy sluts that serve Me and put them on the bed. When Sam returned minus the body hair I felt that familiar surge of excitable pleasure and just a hint of wetness in my panties.

I ordered Sam to start getting dressed, stopping him only to slip the breast forms into the bra and having a grope on them.  The look on his face said it all really but I knew deep down that he liked it because his cock (the cockometer) told me so and the cock never lies. I helped him into the dress and made sure that the stockings were not twisted, then told him to bend over so that I could make sure the dress was not too short, as he did this I gave his ass a cheeky slap.

I got a pair of purple 4 inch stilettos out of a box and made him put them on and then practice walking in them. At first he looked like a drunk tart that had dropped her kebab but soon got the hang of them.

“Well aren’t you the sexy slut then” I looked him up and down with a little smirk on my face then took him over to My dressing table and made him sit on the stool.

“Time for hair and makeup” I don’t think that he was prepared for things to go this far and looked at me almost pleadingly, a look that I quickly dismissed and started to apply the foundation, taking My time to blend it in perfectly and dusting it off with powder and a hint of blusher on his cheekbones.

Next I focused on his eyes, first using black eye liner and some purple eye shadow. The finishing touch were a pair of false eyelashes. I got Sam to give me a flutter and as he did I noticed the smile on his face and knew that he was actually really getting off on this now.

I lined his lips before using a small brush to apply the lipstick, giving Sam the opportunity to practice his pouts. The piece de resistance being the gorgeous blonde wig that seemed to instantly transform Sam into a woman. It was truly a work of art even if I do say so Myself.

“Well who do we have here then? I think Samantha is more of an appropriate name for you now don’t you think?”

Samantha agreed and stood in front of the mirror admiring the transformation and obviously very happy about it.

I took another photo for the album, one that was going to grow because for Samantha this was just the beginning.



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