Turned Into A Slave Part 1

Sometimes a man will come to My dungeon just out of curiosity and Jeff was one such man. He had filled out the questionnaire just ticking two boxes, body worship and forced milking, he had also sent an email bragging about how big his cock was and how good he was with his mouth, he had never failed to satisfy a woman yet and had no doubts that he could give me what I wanted.

Normally I would have just deleted the email but the urge to knock Jeff’s ego could not be denied and I decided to offer him an appointment.

He arrived ten minutes late and just strutted into My dungeon with his chest puffed out and his head help high and greeted Me with an “Alright love”.

It soon became very obvious that he considered himself God’s gift to women and I felt it My duty to knock him right off the pedestal that he had placed himself upon and show him where he belongs.

With certain men the way to get them to do what you want is to go for the ego, something that I am particularly good at. Sessions always start with a chat about limits and I explained to him that all but a tiny selection of men have them. That was the bait and Jeff took it straight away.

“I don’t have any limits, you can do whatever you want, I can take it” Again the chest stuck right out and his arms were not touching the sides of his body demonstrating his big manly man self to Me.

“Hmm so why is it that you only ticked two boxes on the questionnaire?” I didn’t have to wait long for the response that I was hoping for.

“Oh well I just thought you wanted to know what I really liked that’s all but like I said you can do anything you want, I’ll try anything once and love a bit of kinky action” The smirk on his face as those words fell out of his mouth almost filled Me with arousal and I decided that I would gain great pleasure from breaking him in.

“Right, listen very carefully because these are My rules, if you speak unless spoken to without asking for permission you will be ignored. I am to be addressed as Mistress at all times. There will be no eye contact unless invited. When I give you an order you will carry it out, no ifs, no buts just do it. I will give you a safe word to use during the session and trust Me you will use it, your safe word is defeated.” The safe word was chosen just for him and I knew that it would be many sessions later till he used it.

“Do you have any questions and do you understand the rules?” I knew what was coming before he even spoke.
“Yes I understand, but I won’t be needing the safe word thanks, those are for wimps” He was standing so tall and proud and I just smiled at him and told him that it was up to him if he wanted to use it but that was his safe word so not to forget it, just in case.

“Strip” My tone of voice changed with the command which was not delivered with a raised voice but with an air of sensual sternness that made it impossible to deny.

Jeff got naked in record time, his cock already standing to attention, his clothes a crumpled mess on the floor. I walked away knowing that his gaze was working up the thigh high PVC boots that I was wearing to My hourglass figure encased in a black corset. I picked up My riding cropped and turned around to see him touching his cock.

“Did I tell you that you could touch yourself?” I remained composed as I always do during sessions and awaited his response.

“No Mistress” He did not sound sincere but that would come in time.

I ran the tip of the crop across his chest, teasing his nipples before moving down his stomach to his cock which was twitching. Jeff’s head lifted and he looked right at Me already forgetting a rule.

“Keep your fucking head down” I backed up the order with a tap to his cock resulting in immediate compliance.

“Down on your knees” He responded to this order with a small sigh but did as I had requested.

I stood right in front of him and pulled his head up, My crotch was just inches from his face and I knew every dirty thought that was going through his mind.

“Now here is how it works, you perform well and you get rewarded, the reward being one of the two things that you have ticked and I will decide which it will be, how does that sound?” I took two steps back to see the response.

“Sounds good to me Mistress” The slight grin on his face made it obvious that it was just the rewards that he was thinking about and that was exactly what I wanted.

“Good then you can start by folding up your clothes neatly before I decide they are rags and throw them out” I was already walking away before I had even finished the sentence but could hear the belt buckle on his jeans clink so knew the order was being followed.

“Right now crawl over to Me and your session will begin”

To be continued…..

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