Turned Into A Slave Part 3

I did not have to wait long before Jeff made another appointment to see Me, just 5 days later and he was on the phone telling Me how much he had enjoyed the session and needed to see Me again as soon as possible. I was fully booked for the next two weeks and even if I was not I would have made him wait that long anyway. I did however allow him a couple of telephone sessions just to make him crave Me. I gained a lot of pleasure in hearing the frustration in his voice, knowing that I was already starting to get under his skin.

Finally the day arrived for his session and he turned up 15 minutes early. I instructed the maid to let him in and make him wait in the chair outside the dungeon. I had a long term slave and I wanted Jeff to be able to hear him as he obeyed My every command and thanked Me for everything that he received, be that pain or pleasure. I also made sure that Jeff overheard Me telling this slave how he was My favourite and was close to earning his collar.

Now I never usually see My slaves to the door, that is the sissy maids job but decided to make an exception on this occasion. I glanced down at Jeff who was looking the slave up and down and the look on his face said it all. I walked back passed him not making any eye contact and went back into the dungeon. I shut the door behind Me just to add insult to injury and stir up a few emotions that Jeff probably didn’t even know he had.

Finally I opened the door and told him to come in, get naked and onto his knees. My tone of voice stayed firm but calm as I turned away from him and walked across the dungeon to My chair. I watched as he fumbled with his buttons obviously eager to get his session underway and have the attention that he had been thinking about for the last two weeks. As he removed each item of clothing he looked up at Me, and each time he was greeted with a stoic expression.

He kneeled naked and kept his head bowed, his nervousness increased as I just sat and watched him, not saying a word for about 5 minutes. He began to fidget and raised his head.

“Did I tell you that you could look up at Me?” The tone of My voice indicated My displeasure.

“No Mistress, sorry” His apology was almost sincere as he quickly bowed his head again.

Silence fell upon the dungeon once more while I left him to his thoughts for a few more minutes.

“Do you have any questions before I begin your session today slave?” I asked already knowing what the answer would be.

“I was just wondering about that slave that just left Mistress, I overheard you saying something about a collar and wondered what that was about” As he asked the question he started to raise his head slightly but thought better of it.

“That slave is My favourite, he has no limits and is a true submissive, something that is very rare, if he earns his collar that means that I will own him. Certainly nothing for you to concern yourself about, I doubt that you will get anywhere near as far as he has.” My tone almost dismissive to discourage any more questions on the matter.

“Now if there are no more questions I will begin”

To be continued…

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