Turned Into A Slave Part 4

I could tell that the collar conversation that Jeff had overhead was still on his mind, he obviously had no idea what it meant and this was indeed bothering him, I also had no plans to enlighten him. I had planted quite a few seeds in his mind already, now all that I needed to do was to nurture them.
I picked up a riding crop and lightly tapped it on Jeff’s cock which was starting to get hard, I ran the crop up his stomach and chest, across his nipples and back down again this time tapping his cock a little harder which made him jump.

I grabbed his head and pulled it back, leaned down and whispered into his ear “would you do anything for Me Jeff?”
The answer was of course yes, he would do anything that I wanted and judging by his now twitching cock it was obvious that he was sincere. I stood back up, clicked My fingers and pointed to My boots and ordered him to clean them, from the bottom all the way up to the top, the top of course being at My thighs.

He got straight to work, and I was amused watching his tongue lapping eagerly away. The only problem was that he was going fast, obviously desperate to get to the top. A crack across the top of the head slowed him down though along with the treat of making him start all over again if I did not feel that he had done a good enough job. As he reached the top of one boot he paused, feeling the warmth from the gusset of My thong against his cheek. I allowed him a few seconds of indulgence before pushing his head back down to start on the other. This time when he reached the top I grabbed a fistful of his hair and held his face against My crotch, taunting him with it. I heard him take a deep breath and then groan softly.

His pleasure was short lived as I pulled his head away and ordered him over the whipping bench, strapping him down securely. I ran My hand over his ass in a soothing fashion before bringing it down hard on his left cheek causing his to jolt in surprise. I continued to go from one cheek to the other till they were warm to the touch and My hands were starting to feel a little sore. I then picked up a leather paddle and reminded Jeff of his safe word, knowing that there was no chance of him using it. I began to work the paddle from one cheek to the other, stopping every now and again to rub them until they were a gorgeous shade of red. Next was My riding crop, the very sound of which makes My clit twitch as I swish it through the air. I landed 10 perfect strokes across his ass and as I stood back to admire them I noticed that Jeff’s earlier erection had subsided a little and it hung there between his legs. Wrapping My hand around it I wanked a little life back into it before unstrapping Jeff and ordering him to get back onto his knees.

He looked a little sorry for himself and it was almost time for his session to finish and time for a little *spoon full of sugar* I slipped off My thong and handed it to him. His eyes were fixed on My now exposed pussy and once again his cock twitched. I told him to wank as he sniffed My thong, wondering how long he would last. I watched as he inhaled so deeply looking intoxicated by My scent, his hand working his cock slower than I thought he would, obviously wanting to take his time with My thong. I allowed him a couple of minutes and then told him to go faster. I could see he was getting close and placed some newspaper between his legs. Surprisingly he remembered his manners and asked for permission to cum, permission that I granted and he then shot quite a huge load onto the newspaper.

He seemed deep in thought once more as he got dressed, he then thanked Me for his session and booked the next one. He was about to leave when I called him back to wrap up the newspaper and put it in his pocket.

Yes My plan was going very well, very well indeed.

To be continued…

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