Turned Into A Slave Part 6

I felt Myself getting highly aroused as I looked down at Jeff kneeling there, his mouth wide open waiting for Me to use it. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him forward enough to rest My strap on cock against his bottom lip, tapping it teasingly. I relished in his obvious fearful anticipation of what was to come knowing that he wouldn’t stop Me even if he wanted to. I pushed just an inch in, enough to keep his mouth open.

“Are you ready to suck My cock then Jeff?” There was no mistaking the amusement in My voice as I looked down at the man that by the time I had finished with would never feel the same way about fucking a woman’s mouth again. Yes he was indeed about to learn a valuable lesson.

He attempted to pull back in order to answer Me only to get another inch pushed into his mouth rendering him incapable of verbalising anything remotely comprehensible. He soon realised that he only form of communication at that point was to nod which he did reluctantly. I struggled to contain the overpowering urge to just thrust every inch into his mouth, to just use him till I came. Taking a few deep breathes I slid it in slowly right to the back of his throat till he gagged a little.

“What’s the matter Jeff, is it too big for you? It is about the same size as your cock and I am pretty sure that you have expected many women to just take the whole length” I couldn’t even finish the sentence without laughing and there was certainly no point in Jeff trying to respond.

My clit was twitching as I continued to use and fuck his face, slowly building up the speed and ignoring the gagging noises that he was making. I held the back of his head and pulled it in to meet My thrusts. My connection to my strap on cock was probably almost as intense as his connection to his cock and the harder I thrust the closer I got to My orgasm and I had no intention of stopping till I had achieved it.

Looking down at Jeff’s face which was red, his eyes watering I attempted to find a little compassion for him but failed, it was after all a lesson. I imagined what he would be like if O/our roles were reversed and was pretty sure that he would have probably shot his load down My throat by now. This thought was enough to tip Me over the edge and allow my earlier urge to take over.

Holding him very tightly I rammed every inch of My cock right into his mouth and continued to fuck his face hard and deep, I closed My eyes and for the next few minutes thought nothing of Jeff at all, it was about My own needs, he was just a means to an end and I was at the point of no return.

I became aware of a soft moaning sound and realised that it was coming from Me, My orgasm was approaching like a train speeding down the tracks and with a few very hard thrusts I came.

I kept My cock where it was for a few seconds before releasing Jeff’s head. I could hear him breathing heavily as I opened My eyes. The look on his face was a mixture of relief and arousal having heard Me come. His dick was twitching and he looked at Me as if he was waiting for some praise, maybe even a reward. I did not give him either of course simply because he was expecting it, instead I sat down in My chair to recover from My hard climax.

“So Jeff how does it feel to get your face selfishly fucked?” I wondered if he would lie, I certainly expected him to.

“Well Mistress it was interesting to see the boot on the other foot so to speak” His response sounded genuine and was all that he was going to admit to for now but by the tone of his voice I could tell that he thought it was a case of *here endeth the lesson* How wrong he was.

He watched as I started to once again wank My cock then I stood up and walked towards him.

“Get on your hands and knees!”


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