Turned Into A Slave Part 3

I decided not to have any contact with Jeff before his next session allowing time for the seeds that I had planted to start growing. Again I left him waiting outside while I finished up with my long term slave who had earned his collar. As he left the dungeon that collar was clearly visible for Jeff to see and see it he did. I watched as the slave passed him, a very proud look on his face and his head held high to show off his new owned status.

I called Jeff in and for the first time he did not even wait for the order to undress and get on his knees, his head bowed and his hands behind his back. I walked around him, brushing Myself against him, hearing him take deep breathes to take in the aroma, the smell of My leather boots, the scent of the shower gel that I had used that morning, the smell of My perfume, yes he was indeed breathing Me in.

I leaned down and whispered in his ear “Tell Me your thoughts Jeff”

He slowly lifted his head, as if in some doubt as to whether he should, My silence neither confirming or denying the correct action. He got half way then stopped and put his head down obviously not wishing to take any chances.

“I am wondering about the slave that just left, is he your favourite? Why is he wearing that collar?” His voice sounded weak and certainly lacked the confidence that it had when I first met him.

I paused for a few moments while running My long fingers nails over his shoulders before answering his questions. “Yes he is My favourite slave and one that I have decided to own, that is the point of the collar, the silver tag on it is engraved with the words *Property of Mistress Trinity* I own him mind body and soul and not many slaves will get that chance”

“What makes him so special then that you want to own him?” This time he did lift his head up and look Me right in the eye, his curiosity eating away at him.

The expression on My face made him instantly realise that he had made a mistake which he quickly rectified and as punishment I did not answer his question. I did however inform him that he did not need to concern himself because he would never be that slave. Silence filled the dungeon, silence which must have seemed like an eternity to Jeff as he sat there processing My words, his ego dented at the thought of not being worthy enough to be a chosen one.

Finally I put him out of his misery and ordered him to crawl across the dungeon to a small chest and open it up. The chest was full of *anal training equipment* and the look of horror on Jeff’s face was absolutely priceless as I ordered him to take out the soft leather harness and the smaller box which contained the dildo’s in various sizes to attach to it and bring them to Me.

I told him to watch as I slipped the harness on, fastening it with the shiny silver buckles before attaching a 6 inch black cybeskin *cock* to it which I stroked as if it was part of Me, arousing Myself in the process. Jeff’s eyes firmly fixed on My hand wrapped around My cock, I looked down and saw that he was semi limp, just as I knew he would be.

“Do you enjoy getting your cock sucked Jeff?” An obviously silly question because what man doesn’t but that was not My reason for asking.

His reply was of course that he did and knew that it was a trick question as I snapped My fingers, pointed to My cock and ordered him to suck it.

He hesitated long enough for Me to lose My patience, grab him by the hair and pull him closer to Me.

“Open your fucking mouth now bitch!” For the first time Jeff heard Me raise My voice and did exactly as he was told.

To be continued.

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